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Is this you?

  • Wondering how much longer you’re destined to be stuck commuting to an average job …
  • Making SOME money, but only enough to keep paying your bills (what about your future though?)…
  • Always feeling like you’re running, trying harder and harder, but getting nowhere and living merely for the weekend…
  • Wondering why the only thing you seem to be consistent at is being inconsistent with your ambitious goals…
  • And at the root of it all, having this feeling of dread that this life you’re living, it’s not really that great.. Yet you stick with it, because it’s the best option you’ve got. Meanwhile, you’re getting older and the clock is ticking...

I bet you’ve probably, got some bigger plans - like a lot of people do. But let me challenge you for a second.

Why hasn’t it happened yet?

Why are you stuck? Stalling and fading into the background when you know you could stand out so much more.

Your dreams and goals - they are BIG, right? There’s so much you could do, isn’t there?

So what is it that is stopping you? You’re lacking the results, the life you really want (and deserve). And this isn’t the first time you’ve tried to resolve things, is it?

Don’t panic, because Inner Compass is for you. People in their 20s and 30s who got the job/degree they thought they should, but still feel lost, stuck or confused.. In just 6 weeks, our step by step programme WILL help you finally change things, so you can confidently make your mark..

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Sound like something you could do with in your life? Then let me introduce myself, and explain just how I can help you.

My name is Keshav Bhatt. And a few years ago, I hit rock bottom. Life was very far from how I wanted it to be.

I was in a train station, and about to have another panic attack before a BIG BIG meeting. My heart was beating really fast against my chest, and I felt like I was being sucked into the ground. My legs were made out of jelly, I couldn’t even stand.

People were looking at me. I was dressed in a suit, and running late to another meeting. I hated my commute, and days like this.

My hair was a mess, my face was red, I was sweating like anything and could barely hold myself together.

“Are you OKAY?” an old lady muttered to me.

But in my daze, I could hardly even breathe. Let alone respond to her.

I felt my heart sink into my chest, and tighten up as I thought about going into yet another high pressure meeting, doing something I absolutely hated.

You see, just a few hours earlier, I had “officially” been accepted onto a programme that would help me find my passion…

Or so I thought…

I had been trying to figure out what my next steps should be after graduating a few years before. I’d done every type of programme there was, kept myself as MOTIVATED as possible, and read so much saying that now I was a “proper adult” the MOST IMPORTANT thing to do was…

Find and live my true passion and purpose.

And build things so I lived a life I valued. Not someone else’s.

It made total sense.

People work longer, have to do more, and retire later these days. If I was going to be doing something for the next 50 years of my life, I wanted it to do things I actually cared about. And not live a boring, or monotonous life. But a really magnificent one. Where I lived what I believed in every day.

But obviously, you have to be practical and find some kind of work. You have to try things out, build your skills, get experience and take it one step at a time, right?

I mapped it all out.

The problem was, it just didn’t work out the way I’d planned. Not much went how I expected.

I followed the books, the quotes, the ideas and advice. But I had only ended up feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and just totally lost with what to do with my life. I knew I had a lot of potential, but I just couldn’t figure out how to move forwards. I was feeling really sorry for myself, waking up with a heavy dread every single day.

Things really needed to change, and FAST. This wasn’t good for me, and I couldn’t bear this frustration any longer.

So, first I tried writing down all the skills I had and make some SMART goals based on a book I read and some motivational videos I’d seen. But that didn’t really work at all. I fell off track. I can’t even remember where that piece of paper went to honest with you.

After I was done feeling guilty about this, I tried again. Emailing mentors and people I admired, who were a bit further along than me for help and advice on which direction I should take, and it was a little bit better.

But still, I didn’t feel their advice was right for me. I wasn’t sure they understood.

And that’s when I finally tried using a coaching technique I found that didn’t tell you what to do, but showed you the process to go through to decide for yourself. That there were 6 fundamental things, like a checklist, you needed to fulfil, so you could feel immediately clearer on your real purpose.

That’s when I realised it was never my fault! I was asking everyone else what I should do, but they didn’t know what’s best for me. Only I did.

Probably because that’s what we’ve always been taught, all the way back to your schooling days - that someone else has the answer for what you should do.

You follow, but never really lead.

For years, you’re never actually taught this stuff at school, college or university are you? You don’t do a class on figuring out your unique passion and purpose - based on what skills you have, and what your interests are. Or a class planning how to make your life exciting and interesting to you.

You’re told getting a degree, and good grades, and a good job is important but that doesn’t mean a happy or fulfilled life. And even if you want that, how do you even find that?

The problem is we don’t have clarity on what we really want first, and in our haste to find SOMETHING, we SETTLE for whatever comes our way and we make do.

Let’s be real, some of our friends and family are OK with that and don’t mind settling but what if you don’t? What do you do?

The real problem was the people I was around, and the things I’d been taught. They were the ones telling me to just accept things as they were. And not complain too much. But they were the ones keeping me from really maximising my life, and my potential.

Once I realised, there was a clear 6 step technique to follow, that would help me get clear, I went all in and COMMITTED to it, REALLY FAST.

I spent hours and hours working on things, taking action and even did a TEDx talk within a couple of months. I was being invited to speak at conferences and meeting all kinds of interesting people, based on what I wanted.

But it wasn’t just me. I tried testing this process for others. And just take a look at what this 6 step process has done to unlock their real potential.

Josh was extremely depressed and unhappy. He was in a job he hated. Getting paid mediocre money doing something that didn’t really fit his passions. It was numbing and killing him instead of awakening him every day. I showed him some of the things that had helped me, and after a few months, he quit his old job, set up his own business and got hired into his dream job - where he makes in a month, what he used to make in a year! He’s now been able to buy his family a bigger house in a better location.

I also shared the method with Sarah. She worked in a job doing more than what was advertised. Every day, she would message me complaining about her situation and how it was just really boring work. The clients were great, and kept her going but she just felt overworked and underutilised. It wasn’t her real true calling. She had plans to start her own business, but wasn’t consistent with them and life was starting to really suck. We sat down together, and she found out quite quickly, she needed to leave that job, and find a better one. Alongside that, she started the marketing business she always wanted and within a few months, got her first paying customer!

There were also other benefits that happened along the way that I didn’t ever expect. I didn’t realise when I started that this was something I could use not just once, but over and over and over, to keep getting the benefits. And over time, the more I used it, the better I got at getting the results I wanted in life.

I didn’t need hours reading a book or planning what to do, or paying hundreds of thousands of pounds for someone else’s ideas. I just had to sit, spend some proper time on doing the work and I’d find the unique way forward for me.

And I could use it for pretty much any area of my life I wanted to improve. I went through a break up, and used it to figure out why it failed, and how to find my dream partner. I used it to keep motivated every day, and focused. I used it to build good habits, and do more with less time. I even used it with my businesses, to make sure I was moving in the right direction every day.

Looking back I was stunned. There were still so many more people stuck where I used to be. But they didn’t have the time, the money or the knowhow to really turn things around.

Yes, I'm Ready to Enroll in Inner Compass

And that’s why I created the Inner Compass programme…

You’ll get 6 in-depth modules, all designed to help you learn at your own pace:

Module One: CLARITY

  • Including: The Passion Finder Test – A Proven Way To Unleash More Energy, Purpose, And Passion In Your Life.
  • A Technique To Discovering What You Should (And Shouldn’t!) Focus On To Finding Your Purpose.
  • How The World’s Best Coaches Suggest You Figure Out Which Unique Direction To Take In Life (Even When You’re Confused/Stuck).
  • Crafting Your Vision: Getting Clear on Your Life’s Purpose.

Clarity is something you should constantly cultivate and re-invent throughout life. It doesn’t just appear one day and stick around for life, it’s developed and nourished (or damaged and destroyed if you’re not careful) every day.

Most people seek certainty, but by nature life is uncertain. It's like trying to cling onto fog, you just can't do it! What you can do however, is be clear on who you are, what matters, where you want to be, and that’s what you’ll be doing in this module.

Module Two: CALM MIND

  • Including: How To Stay In Tune With Your Inner Compass.
  • The Most Powerful 15 Minute Guided Meditation Ever (That You Can Use Over & Over).
  • 4 Alternatives To Meditation (That Nobody Talks About!).
  • What Navy Seals Do To Stay Super Calm (Even In Crazy Situations).
  • The Dragonbreath Technique - An Unknown Method To Instantly De-stress.

Keeping a calm mind, free from anxiety and depression, is easier said than done! The key is, as we’ll deal with in this module, uncovering the deeper reasons behind anxious minds and learning practical techniques to reduce those feelings. Too often people fixate on the superficial causes, but approaching feelings in a balanced way is the most successful way of calming them.

Module Three: CONNECTION

  • Including: Understanding How Much You Affect And Are Affected By Others.
  • The Keys To What A Meaningful Career (Unique To You).
  • Learn What You Truly Need To Feel Fulfilled In A Job.
  • Reprogramming Your Mind So You Never Sabotage Yourself Again.
  • The Weekly Habit You Must Follow (Religiously) To Live Your Happiest Life (Based On The Latest Science) .

This is a BIG module. Are you around the right people? Are you being the right person? This one is all about being connected with yourself first and foremost - tuning in (like a radio) to your intuition and getting better and better at that. Rather than letting others dictate what job/relationship/identity you should have, you need to uncover what’s right for you.

Connecting with others in a meaningful way is more than just a superficial ‘follow’ or ‘like’, but if you learn how to REALLY connect, your life can be enriched beyond belief.


  • Including: The SCRUM technique to do more, in less time (sounds like heaven, right?).
  • 4 Specific tools that guarantee you stay on track.
  • The 4 Laws you MUST honour to STAY immeasurably motivated.

Sometimes the most successful and fulfilling lives are held in place by consistency. The other pillars (demonstrated in each module) are crucial, but doing the ‘boring’ and mundane things, and doing them consistently, is what keeps a life extraordinary.

Module Five: CHALLENGE

  • Including: The science behind building legendary habits
  • Key reasons for procrastination (and how to solve it!).
  • Common traps to look out for that KILL purpose.

The simple fact is, without feeling challenged and stimulated, you’re never going to feel completely fulfilled. This module is going to help you understand that, and help you progress in life (whether it’s at your job, with a hobby, or whenever) by making sure you have that sense of being challenged.


  • Including: How to make a difference effectively (and find the right cause).
  • Which non profits you should (and shouldn’t) give your money to (a special tool you can use to find out).
  • PLUS: CREATIVITY (a special bonus!).

We can get everything we want in life for ourselves, but the question remains, what are we leaving behind? Are we making a difference? There’s an art to contribute and make a difference effectively – and sadly not everyone has mastered it. In fact, as I have seen, it can be all too easy to have a NEGATIVE impact when trying to help. And as this module will show you, there are some incredibly effective ways to ensure your precious contribution goes as far as possible..

So what do you think, are you ready to start living a fulfilling and meaningful life, one where you truly understand your purpose? Are you WILLING to try?

I was ready, but it took me over 5 years, of trying and testing over and over and over. Where I read and reviewed over 100+ books, completed 5 professional coaching diplomas (that put me £12k in debt), conversations and programmes with countless mentors and coaches, and over 500 hours of assessments and trainings, and work with clients but, it was totally worth it.

But here’s the thing. What I discovered makes finding the RIGHT answers, and your TRUE passion, a million times CHEAPER, QUICKER, and easier.

What took me 5 years, to learn, find and understand, from a bunch of different places, you can get done in just 6 weeks. Maybe even less.

This programme helps you find clarity on your real purpose, so you can enjoy the life you are building and not waste precious time on anything but that.

It helps you be really clear on what you should and shouldn’t do, and what techniques to use, so you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of pounds and hours and hours going through book after book, course after course finding the things that work.

It helps you get the answers you need FAST, so you can feel less stressed and resolve the pain you’re experiencing of being STUCK.

And it helps you do that all online, using just your phone or laptop, so you can do it right now, from wherever you are.

More on how the programme works

  • You will get access to exclusive never seen before content and video training, broken down into 6 clear modules focused on one step at a time. So you can go at your own pace, without it getting overwhelmed. Videos are a max of 10 mins long, so you can go through them easily.
  • You’ll get a workbook, which has a bunch of infographics and exercises for you to do. You just print it out at home, you have a PDF version too, so you can do the work. I even made templates etc. to make your life easier.
  • You’ll get 8 book recommendations if you want to learn more - no need to read tonnes if you don’t want to, as these are the top 8 which will really level you up.


You also get access to an exclusive, invite only, private FB community of members on this course, so you can be plugged into some really positive like-minded people and stay inspired everyday PLUS a monthly live call with me personally to help you.


You get all of the above, PLUS an hour each month of powerful 1:1 life coaching with me LIVE. Be warned though. I’m known (ask my clients) for creating MASSIVE shifts in these 1:1s, as I’m able to help you overcome deep rooted blocks you may not even be aware of.

The total value of this, is massive. I’d say easily £995 just for the content because it’s based on a lot of the world’s best management and coaching techniques, and it’s also been created personally by me after years of professional training and experience.

For my 1:1’s alone, I normally charge up to £500-1000 an hour for my expertise.

Now. If all this course did, was give you the ability to leave the job you put up with and never be stuck again, would it be worth it?

If all it did, was give you the freedom and comfort of knowing what direction you need to go in, for the rest of your life, so you could be happy every day, in all areas of your life, would it be worth it?

Now. I know you don’t have a massive amount like that to pay for something like that. I know how hard it is. That’s why I’m not going to charge you anything near that – in fact, take a look at the figures:


A one-off payment of
JUST £116.40
(yes, you read that right!)

The full course of video modules with workbook, templates, and 5 book recommendations.

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£330 per month

All of the above PLUS access to the private FB community PLUS a monthly live call with me.

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£596.40 per month

All of the above PLUS a monthly private call with me, one-on-one.

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Your Options:

Option 1: Keep doing the same thing

Close this page, never return and continue doing the same thing. Nothing changes and you’re still exactly where you are in 6, 12, 18, months. Before you know it, you’re older, more wrinkly but with the same problems.

Option 2: Hire an expensive coach or consultant

This could actually be a good, fast option. But as I’ve learned, gets expensive very quickly and can be hit/miss depending on the coach. And with those expenses, comes even more stress.

Why spend thousands of dollars/pounds when you can get a course that tells you the key things you need to know for as little as £97 AND get support from me and other people?

There are very few courses like this out there which are based in credible research, proven to work, and have been tested properly.

This course is from someone who has years of experience, research and several academic qualification on the topic. All broken down into easy to apply chunks of info.

Option 3: Read books and watch free videos online, try to do it solo

You should definitely read and learn as much as you can. There’s a lot of value in this option.

However, there’s a limit to how useful this will be. Some information will work. Some information will be useless. Some information will be a waste of time. And some plain incorrect/misleading.

None of it will be personalised to you either, and it’s always hit/miss in terms of credibility.

There’s no step by step plan, or clear exercises to follow to help you know what to do next or how to implement these ideas. It takes a long time.


I’m also going to take on all the risk, because sometimes you buy stuff online and it doesn’t live up to the hype. That’s why everyone signing up is entitled to my 100 day money-back guarantee.

That’s right, if you’re not completely delighted by the programme, all you need to do is let me know within 100 days from signing up, show me proof that you did all the work and actually tried it out, and you’ll get 100% of your money back.

Some would say that’s crazy…

But I’d say it shows how confident I am that you’ll get exactly what you need from Inner Compass!

Just imagine what your life will be like when you have the exact answers and clarity you need on which direction you should really take. So what are you waiting for? SIGN UP TODAY and you’ll soon be building the fulfilling life you deserve.

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To finding your purpose,

Keshav Bhatt
Inner Compass

P.S. Let me be real… it doesn’t matter to me if you sign up right now or not. I know I’ve already hit my business and financial goals for this year through my other projects, which is why I’ve decided to do this. I want to be of value to you, and I want to help you succeed. And to be honest, without that, unfortunately, you’re going to end up working harder than you NEED to.

P.P.S. If you’re not convinced that Inner Compass is right for you, don’t forget that you can sign up WITH NO RISK thanks to the 100 day money-back guarantee.